Monday, June 13, 2011

This year's 3-day birthday

It's the husband's birthday today. Hooray! We've been celebrating his birthday for the last three days with a mix of the things that he loves most in life, namely (1) family, (2) food, (3) basketball and (4) movies.

We began the festivities with Saturday lunch at Pao's Allarey family. We enjoyed Tita Chelle's cooking as usual (Thank you!). Pao blew the first of his many birthday cakes, with the assistance of Malik and cousin Mae -

This cake is special because it read:

Yikee. Anyway my real birthday gift was to treat Pao and his friends to some play time at the Ronac Art Center Basketball Court.

Ronac is the building along Ortigas where Charlie's is at (Argh. It's moments like these when I really really wish Blogpress allowed links. Eek.) Basketball would of course not be complete without a couple of referees, which we arranged for, and a cooler-full of sports drinks, which we also prepared. Naks.

I suppose the boys had fun. At least I know for a fact that Malik had a blast. He was screaming most of the time because he wanted to shoot the ball in the ring but was not allowed to because daddy and his friends were playing. So naturally, pogiboy was demoted to the sidelines. Boohoo.

After two hours of running around, Pao and some of his exhausted friends were treated to buffet dinner at Won Ton at the Promenade in Greenhills. My sister introduced us to Won Ton when we celebrated my niece's birthday there this year. I would recommend the place for when you're really hungry because the buffet only costs PhP200/head. Sulit. (Here's a blurry photo of Malik dancing at Won Ton by the way.)

And then we went with our parent friends to Timezone to entertain the kids. To Pao's left is Tads - our friend from college. Judging by their facial expressions, can you guess which one is his son? Haha

Sunday lunch was at Banana Leaf at Trinoma, with the Zamoras this time, courtesy of Pao's sister Ana (Thanks Ana!). Too bad I wasn't able to take pictures. Oh well. We'll see some of those on Facebook. :p And then, considering how long it's been since Pao and I watched a movie by ourselves, we decided to leave Malik in the care of my in-laws after lunch to watch...what else? Kung Fu Panda 2 in 3D!

Finally today, Pao took leave from work to renew his driver's license and also accomplish some errands. Dinner was at Kopi Tiam with my family -

- capped with Pao taking a photo with the last of this year's many birthday cakes.

Whew. Happy Birthday pogiboy Senior!

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