Friday, June 24, 2011


What is it with boys and cars? Versus basketball, we've never had to condition Malik to like cars. He is just naturally crazy about them.

When Pao drives, Malik will try to sit on his lap so he can have a go at the steering wheel. This isn't allowed of course, because it isn't safe. But the point is, Malik likes to [pretend that he can] drive.

See this toy that is meant to be pushed so babies can learn how to walk? Malik has outgrown the pushing part. So what he does is turn it over so the wheels turn into steering wheels like these -

I searched high and low for a toy steering wheel like the one that Maggie has in the opening sequence of the Simpsons (If you can picture this without having to Google it, then you're more or less my age).

When I finally found one in the department store, at 50% off no less, I snapped at the chance to bring it home. Nevermind that its box was so dilapidated, it looked like it had been lying on the toy shelf for 10 years. I also didn't mind that some buttons weren't working anymore and some of the drawings were fading. Malik will not notice. Sure enough, look how interested he is at his new wheels (Literal! Kasi steering wheel lang siya, walang kasamang sasakyan. Heehee) -

In fact, anything that resembles a steering wheel interests Malik. Like this toy right here (See handles on sides) -

I don't know if we're the type of parents who'd let Malik drive his own car in high school. Some of my classmates had cars as early as 16 years old. With due respect to their parents, I don't think that's healthy. Besides, I'm not even sure if we can afford to give Malik his own car when the time comes. Maybe he can have Steve, who will be old and battered by then, but certainly not at 16. I drove my first car only in my last year of College, and even I question my parents' judgment on the matter.

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  1. Even before I got to that paragraph, I was already thinking... Maggie in The Simpsons! LOL

    Funny my parents also allowed my brother to drive at 16, but only because mas tipid to drive own car to high school rather than take school bus... Since 3 kids kami at cheap pa ang gas noon. My sister also started driving at 16. Ngayon parang ang spoiled pag nagda-drive na ng 16 pa lang haha

  2. Mel, that settles it then. You are more or less my age. Maybe more than less. Heehee


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