Thursday, July 14, 2011

At his own pace

We underestimate Malachi. I've since learned not to ask Malik to do things to show off to other people, because he just won't. Besides, sometimes it just feels like we're pressuring him to impress others when all he should be occupied with is learning and having fun.

Anyway, when it's just us in our bedroom, I swear Malik does the most amazing things. Like the other week, just as I was thinking that Malik never cares to listen to what we teach him (This month's lesson: Body Parts), he takes out the eyes of one of the cartoon characters in our floor puzzle mats, brings it up to his eyes (like shades) and actually says "eyes".

For the record, this is the portion of our floor puzzle mats that I was referring to -

The character's name is Doraemon, a Japanese cartoon that looks like this in 2D -

This is Malik handing me Doraemon's eyes -

And, I hope this works, here's a video of Malik that night -

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