Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I was in the mood for frozen bananas last week. The first time I tried those out was from a kiosk in the basement of the Annex in SM North. Layo. Feeling frustrated cook, I Googled recipes for frozen bananas and came across instructions that were pretty straight forward. Here we go -

Step 1: Buy bananas - Check. This one I can do.

Step 2: Slice bananas and insert straws. - My "recipes" called for wooden popsicle sticks but I couldn't find them in the grocery so I settled for these.

Step 3: Freeze bananas for at least three hours.

Step 4: Melt semi-sweet chocolate, dip frozen bananas in melted chocolate, and roll in crushed nuts (walnuts in our case, sosyal). You noticed, I sped through Step 4 because I seem to have messed that Step up when we made our bananas.

For one, the chocolate that we bought took forever to melt. Secondly, when the chocolate finally melted, the consistency was so thick that we couldn't coat the banana with it. And thirdly, apparently, I had to wait for the chocolate to cool before dipping the banana in it. Toink. Nalapnos ang aking saging! (Sorry, I don't have an English equivalent for "lapnos".)

If you think that there is no way anyone can ever mess up a recipe as simple as frozen bananas, then you are obviously wrong. Maybe I'm just missing something here. Is there a special type of chocolate that melts easily and hardens the minute it touches something cold? Next time, I'll probably just go with Hershey's chocolate syrup. Or I could go back to that kiosk in the basement of the Annex in SM North.

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  1. We make this at home (or at least my mom does), I'll ask my mom what kind of chocolate she buys.

    You can also try it for other kinds of fruits like apples and pineapples. Sarap.

  2. sa galleria - bakers depot meron semi sweet chocolates. chips or bar ok lang.

    procedure: 8 bananas
    32 ounces semisweet chocolate, chopped or chips
    4 tablespoons unsalted butter

    Melt the chocolate and butter in a bowl over a saucepan of simmering water / double broiler, stirring occasionally. ^^

  3. feeling ko masarap pa rin cant go wrong with bananas and chocolate.although, unang tingin ko para may skin ng boiled eggplant na nakapatong sa saging.:) pag naperfect mo na, picture ulit ha.

  4. I think the "presentation" doesn't matter especially if it's for personal consumption. Your final product made my mouth water. Gusto ko rin ng frozen banana!

    Fastest would be to just eat banana with Nutella. Hahaha.

    You didn't show what chocolate you started out with but maybe chopping up the chocolate into smaller pieces would get it to melt faster. Also, melted butter should help with the consistency problem. :-)

  5. just make sure walang kahit na isang patak ng water sa pan before mo lagay yung chocolates kasi sisirain ng water yung chocolates.

    * pag natunaw na yung chocolates sa consistency na gusto mo off mo na agad then i-dip mo na yung bananas.
    * over melting the chocolates will make it thicker mas mahirap ispread. ^^ lalo na kapag nagboil na ulit yung chocolate.
    * and remember wag mo iiwanan while melting dahil pwedeng masunog pati yung pan kahit double broiler pa gamit mo. ^^

    go! try na ulit!

  6. Mishee, ano ba ito? Rocket science!

    Teka, I precisely used water to thin the chocolate! Toink. Mali pala. Wahaha Ang dami ko pang nilagay kasi nga ayaw matunaw. LOL

    Okay, now I know I should use butter. I was about to ask whether I should use UNSALTED butter (because salted butter is the only kind of butter I know), but then I read your comment so now I know...again. Haha

    Good luck na lang talaga sa akin!

  7. Yen, Nutella isn't such a bad idea!

  8. Golda, sobra ka naman. Bakit ko naman lalagyan ng balat ng talong yung saging? Haha Ganyan na ba kalatak ang pagkakakilala mo sa akin? LOL

  9. Mel, I used chocolate chips (bought from the Baker's Depot). Can you ask your mom if there's a special kind of chocolate that doesn't require too much effort (fine, absoltely NO effort) to melt?

  10. Mishee, last na lang. So after melting the chocolate, should I wait for it to cool down before dipping the bananas?

  11. Yap pero sandali lang wag lang yung bagong tunaw kasi masisira yung banana.:) after a minute pwede na. Hehe! Double broiler naman so mabilis lamg lumamig din yun. Try mo muna isang banana then pag di ok, antay ka lang ng 1-2 minutes.:)


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