Saturday, July 16, 2011

Chicken Charlie

This week, after an exceptionally tiring work day, the boys and I tried out Chicken Charlie over at J. Abad Santos St. in San Juan (same strip as Ristra's, House of Lasagna and Serenitea). I really wanted to go to Charlie's at Ronac that night but Pao insisted that we try out something new. So off to Chicken Charlie we went.

Chicken Charlie uses the double-frying technique popularized by Bon Chon Chicken. First they fry the chicken in vegetable oil "to take out the fat" and then fry it again to make the skin super crispy. I am not sold on the claim that Chicken Charlie is healthy. They say that their chicken has zero grams trans-fat, but common', the chicken is FRIED...TWICE.

First off, the place is small. I estimate that it can barely accomodate 15 people so it's not a place to hold parties in, unless well, you're a loser with no friends.

Service is slow. It took 30 minutes for our order to arrive, which may be justified because they cook only upon order. Whatever. I was hungry, irritable, and I needed to be fed fast.

I'm also deducting pogi points because of the presentation. We were handed paper plates (really thin ones) and I was not impressed -

All things considered, I think Chicken Charlie is the kind of business that derives success out of the sheer genius of their product. Their chicken IS crispy, and yet the meat remains juicy and tasty. We got drumsticks + chicken wings, with flavors split between soy garlic and hot sweet, for PhP288. Okay naman, but a wee bit pricey.

(Again, minus points for presentation. The pieces with toothpicks [!] are the spicy ones.) We also got potato wedges for PhP49, which were not something I would write home about. Serving size is small and they mostly tasted like unwashed potato skins.

Will I go back? Maybe. If I happen to find myself in the area. But I surely won't purposely go there. It just isn't worth the trouble. Sungit. Hehe Next up, Bon Chon.

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