Saturday, July 9, 2011

Here I go again

That time when I said that I'd be cutting back on my shoe purchases was momentary. Even though I recently adopted a new shoe-organizing system and declared that I don't have enough plastic shoe boxes to store more shoes, I go out and buy myself new pairs. Three of them.

So here's how you know that you need intervention: It's when you drag your husband and 1 yr old to the mall at 8:30 p.m. even when it's pouring like crazy, so you can hop over to a shoe store to buy shoes that you saw the day before.

Gladi: Pwede ba tayong dumaan sa The Block? May babalikan lang akong sapatos.
Pao: Ayoko nang magpark, nakakapagod.
Gladi: Okay lang. Maghazard ka na lang. (Runs to store and buys shoes in 10 minutes tops. Phones husband to pick her up at entrance, while greedily clutching shopping bags.)
Pao: O ano, okay ka na?
Gladi: Okay na *smiles*.

Oh well. At least my new shoes are from local brands So!Fab and Shoebox & Me. Let's just think of this sick sick episode as my way of contributing to the economy, shall we?

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  1. you have made the economy proud. :D love the shoes.

  2. isa kang significant economic naman pag ginamit mo na mga sapatos! they're pretty!

  3. Ang ganda ng shoes no? I have no idea how and where I will use them, especially the leopard print wedges. (Anuvah?! San ko gagamitin yan? Sa simbahan? Haha) But I just like the thought that they're available. You know. Just in case.

  4. I dont know if this will make you feel better, pero I also bought three pairs in the span of one week! Wala talaga ako EQ. One of them is sorta leopard print din.

  5. Ah. Mel. Misery loves company!


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