Thursday, July 7, 2011

Malik's five new things

As you may have seen from Wednesday's post 1) Malik likes to dance. He has choreographed moves to Katy Perry's Firework and actually knows how to dance Billy Jean. For real.

2) We've been taking Malik to Active Fun at the SM North Annex and he's been having a blast. The awesome thing about this is, vouchers bought from Metrodeal give Malik unlimited play time for only Php175. Last weekend, Malik got so tired of unlimited-ly playing, there came a point when he was just sitting on top of the slide, watching other kids play. Kailangan talagang sulitin. Haha

3) Malik got his third hair cut last month. We took him to a regular barbershop this time, where the barber used a regular labaha to shave around Malik's ears and nape!

Observe the fear in Lola Parrot's eyes. Never again, folks. Never again -

4) Malik has learned his way around the iPad. He knows which apps to touch and the purpose of the home button. Here he is posing for the camera -

And Facetime-ing with daddy, who was then in Palawan -

5) Malik's new Spiderman Firefly toothbrush is the bomb. We actually don't have problems with oral hygiene because Malik just loves his orange and strawberry flavored toothpastes from Sans Fluo. But the Firefly toothbrush makes brushing more fun for mom and dad. Malik, on the other hand, appears to be just mildly entertained. Ladi-da.

BONUS) Check out Malik's Barney bedroom slippers. These came courtesy of Lola Bel and aren't really new. Malik was too little when we got them. Now Malik's big enough to insist that he use it before entering our bedroom. They're too cute.

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