Friday, July 15, 2011


You folks should know, Payless is currently on sale. My [asa pa ako] Isabel Toledo x Payless vespadrille wedges are at 25% off, which means they're now more reasonably priced at around PhP2,500!

Still, after my last shoe purchases, my only logical course was to pass off on the vespadrilles. Naks, how very mature of me. Heehee But since I can't seem to leave a store on sale without taking something - anything - home, I ended up with these instead.

Uy, ankle socks at 3 pairs for PhP120. Not bad.

So what does one do with dotted ankle socks? Well, wear them with old school t-strap sandals of course!

I wish I could say that I put a lot of thought into this outfit, like "O. I purposely chose a full skirted black dress to emphasize my footwear." or "Black on black is so in this season." But I can't. The fact of the matter is, I wore this dress because it had been hanging on our clothesline for months now, just gathering dust. Kinailangan ko na siyang gamitin kasi namumuti na! Haha I'm off to work. Good morning world!

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  1. I love it! So Rachel Berry :)

  2. Thanks Mel! Although I don't think I'll wear these socks with sandals again. At my age, it looks off. I guess it's okay if I were a style blogger, which I'm not. I'm just ancient. :)


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