Saturday, July 30, 2011

That 70s show

An opportunity presented itself for me to finally purchase a pair of Isabel Toledo Vespadrille wedges. (If you don't know what Vespadrilles are, they're just my recurring shoe obsession.) I was in Payless on Sunday and was browsing through the racks when I was led by an irresistible force to this section -

I picked up a pair of Vespadrilles in my size and placed them on the floor ONLY to take pictures -

But before I knew it, they came to life and crawled up my feet. I told the shoes to please don't do that because I may end up taking them home with me, but they insisted that I try them on. I was powerless!

Kidding aside, I passed up on the Vespadrilles even when my Mom offered to buy a pair for me because I realized that they aren't comfortable. For one, Vespadrilles do not come in half-sizes. It was just my luck that I was neither an 8 nor a 9 so that's that. Plus, my sister owns a pair and although she's very happy with how they look, she's unhappy with how uncomfortable they are. When I tried them out, true enough, the soles were so heavy it felt like I was carrying steel balls chained around my ankles.

I am one for style over comfort so I am not closing my doors on the Vespadrilles yet. At the moment, however, I think I'm good. Mostly I'm just satisfied with my So!Fab wedges, worn here with a dress from Apple & Eve -

This is my patented smirk-a-pout look. :p Yes, those are my sandals' heels that you see at the back. Ganyan siya kataas. Bongga.

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