Saturday, July 2, 2011

That will do

Just because Malik wasn't able to swim in the pool the other weekend, doesn't mean we should feel bad for him. Summer this year was all in all fine for pogiboy. Afterall, we let him chillax in the tub until his fingers got wrinkly. [Malik: "Let's get it on, mom."]

And I let him stay up until way past his bed time and/or run around at top speed until he was so tired, he asked to be carried. Sige lang, anak.

There's also our friend's wedding in Tagaytay last month. (Wait, why is Malik wearing the same pajamas? Hala.)

On that weekend, we stayed at the Taal Vista hotel where Malik enjoyed the pool -

- with mom and dad! (Although whatever it was that was in that kiddie pool, I don't want to know. Brrr.)

Malik got to run around A LOT. [The thing about Malik is that it's easy for him to make friends. He just acts like he's known the other person his entire life. See the other little boy in the photos below? You'd think we know him, but we actually don't. Malik just began chasing after him and they hit it off. Is that the same with other kids?]

We wanted Malik to party with us at the after-dinner reception but I guess he was so tired -

What we'd really like to do one of these days is to take Malik to the beach. Malik hasn't been to one, which is pitiful because there are so many beaches in this country that are worth taking a trip to. We just couldn't do that this year because Pao was busy with work, and I have work and school to contend with. But looking back, I think we did okay. That will do, summer. That will do.

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