Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yaya Two

You may have noticed, Ate Bear isn't with us anymore. It turns out, she wasn't treating Malik right when we weren't around so that's that. [Last photo of Malik and Ate Bear together. She was Malik's yaya for a year.]

Malik's new yaya, Yaya Two (more on this later, heehee) is a lot more attentive to Malik's needs and dots on him like a relative. Here she is staying with us at the Pen one weekend -

Unfortunately, all the attention that Malik's been getting from Yaya Two isn't working well for us. Malik thinks he can get away with anything now, resulting in longer lasting temper tantrums -

I don't know if Malik's only acting up in our presence. But I'm seriously worried about this phase (at least I hope it's only a phase). I've requested Yaya Two to not give in to Malik's tantrums all the time. Let him mop the floor with his body all he wants, I tell her. I see though that she's finding it difficult not to pick up Malik when he's crying. I appreciate that she is caring, but the consequences are more complicated than we realize.

I at least know that it's not a childcare provider's place to discipline my child. That's our responsibility as parents. But when we're not around, as we sadly often are, what happens? Will Malik grow up thinking that he can throw things around or play with his food because no one in authority is around to tell him not to? How does this work? How?

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