Sunday, August 14, 2011

All's well

While in Greenhills, I tried out these Prada-ish brogues from Summersault ( and was surprised to find out that they can be quite comfortable. The size in the color that I want was a tad small, so I decided against getting a pair.

I was contemplating the wisdom of this decision even as I was already leaving the parking lot with my chicken breasts (and other recently
purchased animal parts, i.e. beef shank, pork chops etc) in tow. I was half regretting the decision, and half patting myself in the back when we got home. A few minutes later, the door bell rings and the courier drops these off for me -

Jeffrey Campbell Suebee platforms. I wish! :D

These are just Korean replicas that I got from Asian Vogue ( The real JC Suebees cost around US$140 a pair or close to PhP6000! These cost me less than 1/4 of that amount. Yahoo. (Here's a photo of the real Suebee platform -)

Asian Vogue has a whole lot of other platforms that I'm dying to purchase but I don't know if I can manage the wait again. Most Asian Vogue shoes are for pre-order. This particular pair, I ordered on July 16 and got a whopping 3 weeks after. Tagal! There came a point when I was dreaming about them already. Pfft.

I'm excited to wear these out. When you see me wearing them, don't you think that I've started throwing away Malik's college fund to Jeffrey Campbell. These are fakes ("replica" is only a fancy term that they use for knock-offs Hehe). Will definitely post an outfit shot soon. In the meantime, here's what I wore to the grocery.

Ah. Any errand is an excellent excuse to dress up a little, right?

[Blazer from Meg, Hanes white t-shirt, Kate Torralba x Paperdolls shorts, boys' socks from Mothercare, oxfords from Schu, and bag from ebay]

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  1. dying to get a pair... Can you please give me the link to the shoe? I would appreciate it


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