Monday, August 15, 2011

Army Navy

Army Navy opened a branch in Greenhills recently. Of course Pao and I were quick to try it out. (See photo of "Army Navy / urger + burrit" wall :p)

We got there near closing time so I can't really tell if the place is ordinarily this desserted. I loved the breathing space though. Sana ganito na lang palagi.

I give plus points for presentation. Kinareer nila ang army theme! Our food was served on these tin plates, which reminded me of an army mess hall. Inspired.

At ang beer ko (PhP60) may lime wedge. Clap clap clap. Anong sinabi ng Corona?

We had the burger (PhP145, add PhP30 for cheese or bacon), onion rings (PhP65) and steak burrito (PhP165, added PhP30 for cheese) -

I didn't like the burger mostly because it was sweet to my taste. I'm basically not a fan of confused food. You know, food that isn't sure whether it wants to be savory or sweet. Also, the onion rings are oily and kind of expensive for PhP65. But I would go back for the burrito. I actually already did. :)

In contrast to Ristra's, Army Navy's burrito isn't as packed with meat. The beans aren't that noticeable, which is good in my book. I also barely tasted the cheese. But the meat is tender and well marinated. As hungry as I was, I still appreciated the relative "lightness" of the meal. [Oi, this photo reminds me. Must. lose. weight.]

By the way, the menu also features tortilla soup (PhP110) which looked promising. Try it out and tell me if I should bother going back (again)!

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