Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cabin Fever

Pao has not been feeling well lately. I honestly don't know why he didn't see that coming. He ran in the rain in the Milo marathon (10k lang naman, but still) and has been going on 10k runs after work. By Friday, his body upped and told him to slow down already. I don't know why he's missing the point.

Considering the circumstances, we've been holed up in our house. Instead of doing this (They're doing sit ups heehee) -

Pao and Malik basically slept all day -

- and lounged around in their pajamas. Here's Mr.Lazy for you -

I love these kinds of weekends, ordinarily. Between Pao and myself, he's really the one who can't seem to sit still. But this weekend was different because I had just hurdled midterm week and was hoping to celebrate with a drink or two or three. *sigh*

You know that episode in Modern Family where Mitchell couldn't go to a concert because Cameron was sick? I felt that way last night. Boohoo Thankfully, Pao's feeling a little better when he woke up today. Although I won't be able to grab a drink with him anymore, there's at least the remainder of the weekend to enjoy. And of course I'm happy that he's up and about, and back to teaching Malik his alphabet.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!
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  1. wow happy family =)) Hi sis! =)) am n new follower here.. check out my blog and follow me too if you like =)) hope to see more of your post

  2. Hi Sittie! Thanks for dropping by!


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