Sunday, August 21, 2011

What's new

... with Malachi? Oh, just these -

1) He's being extra-clingy lately. He likes to be carried a lot, mostly by me. He also likes to sit on my lap when I'm eating. This is a litte bit of a hassle because I can't eat a proper meal when he's scooping food into and out of my plate. But it's all good. Soon, before I even know it, he'll be a teenager who will hate me and who will ditch mom every opportunity he gets. :(

2) Malik's love for basketball has turned into an obsession. We have so many basketball courts/rings in the house -

This ring occupies Malik's time for most of the day -

And he has this miniature basketball court to play with at night -

I swear, we have photos of Malik clutching a basketball while asleep in the car. Will show you that when I have the time.

3) There are a lot of things that toddlers typically love but do not appeal to Malik. He is not fond of sweets for example (think cake and ice cream). He would much rather eat rice and ulam. Also in relation to No. 2 above, Malik doesn't like watching cartoons (think Nickelodeon and Disney Channel). He'd rather watch Balls or Basketball TV. He actually hands me the remote so I can switch channels. Odd.

4) Malik's appetite isn't as hearty as it used to be. Malik has favorite food now, which basically just rotates among boiled egg, miswa, and jello. In Tagalog, he's pihikan. I'm not too worried about this because I read that this is normal for most toddlers. They are, afterall, individuals, who have the right to develop individual tastes. But since Malik has lost a considerable amount of weight, I'm going to have to consult with the doctor just to make sure that he's still getting all the nutrients that he needs. (He's a photo of Malik asking for Jelly Ace. LOL)

5) Malik likes shades, whether mine -

Or Lolo's -

I've been looking for local retailers of Baby Banz. Mothercare used to carry them but I can't find any in store now. So we bought these for Malik for temporary use. P75 lang siya! -

I think Malik approves.
6) Malik's learning the alphabet but we're teaching him through the sounds that the letters make rather than their actual names. "A" for example is "ah," "B" is "ba" and so forth. I don't know if this is acceptable (Any child education experts out there?) but it seems to be working okay for us. I also figure, it will make learning how to read easier for Malachi. Will it?

7) And finally, Malik is friends with the iPad and the iTouch.

Our gadgets have a lot of photos of this sort, probably taken by Malik without him realizing it -

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  1. Haha, friends with Ipad and Itouch, one cool kid! Cute photos!! :)

  2. Thanks Noelle! Thanks also for dropping by.


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