Thursday, September 29, 2011

Birthday Boohoos

We're gearing up for Malachi's birthday in a couple of months. The preparations have little to do with where we're celebrating or how intimate it's going to be. It has everything to do with preventing Malik from crying when people sing Happy Birthday to him. Malik first did it on cousin Mae's birthday.

Kala namin, na-touch lang siya.
But then Pao took pogiboy to a birthday party the following week and he again cried as hell. We were curious so we conducted our own test. It turns out, Malik's really not happy about birthdays (sorry, Mike if you think this is cruel) -

My theory is that Malik doesn't like it when the song slurs. So on his birthday, if you're around, let's try a jollier beat shall we?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dr. Evil

Have you heard Malik's evil laughter? Here goes. One whole minute of pure, unadulterated heckling. Wahahaha

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

About this weather and a cozy hotel in Boracay

I hope everyone's staying safe and dry. I was woken up by howling winds this morning and couldn't go back to sleep. Apparently, when you're a mother, you worry a lot when the rain is pouring this hard. "Did we remember to close the windows downstairs?" "Did they remember to take in the clothes from out back?" "I hope the roof isn't leaking again." "I should ask Pao to move the pick-up away from that coconut tree."

(Photo credit:

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunrise Buckets

I was seriously craving for buffalo wings a couple of weeks ago, but Pao had enough of Charlie's in this lifetime. So instead of heading to the usual, we ended up a block down - in Sunrise Buckets, Madison Square.

We had wings delivered from this place when it first opened and I remember the chicken tasting okay. Fast forward to a year later and the chicken still tasted okay, which means, well, it's not great.

That week we had original buffalo wings and garlic parmesan wings -

As you can see, their portions are smaller than Charlie's. Malaki lang ang bucket pero walang lamang manok. Fail. :p

I like Charlie's blue cheese dip better than Sunrise Bucket's yogurt-based dip because it is just tastier, richer and goes better with the buffalo sauce. Sunrise's garlic parmesan wings also lack actual parmesan. The highlight of our meal was actually the Potato Corner Giga fries that we brought to the store. Buti na lang walang corkage. Heehee

Plus points for the interiors though. The place has the surfer/beach vibe down pat -

I imagine, this should be a good place to meet groupmates from school because of the free wifi and the comfy looking sofa.

But since there are plenty of other places that have better food and are more importantly, better lit (for reading!) I best meet my groupmates elsewhere. Charlie's pa din forevah.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

In a nutshell

Pogiboy's been running a fever for the last couple of days. He appears to have caught it out of the blue. Viral is what the doctors call it, and from experience, I know the fever should be self-limiting.

I just ask that Malik gets to sleep comfortably tonight despite his runny nose. He hasn't been getting quality sleep lately. *fingers crossed*

Incidentally, our household help Ate G left without notice. Again. So my dad and in-laws (God bless them) have been taking turns, keeping Yaya Two and Malik company at home. I'm too tired of retelling househelp woes so I'm keeping this short. It's just heartbreaking when you discover that the relationships you think you're cultivating don't actually exist. So sad.

Anyway, Malik colored this cow the other day. (Click to enlarge)

And if only for that, I'm thinking happy thoughts. Goodnight folks!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pack your things, Malik. We're riding the car.

I don't know how my parents did it. They went to work every single workday without fail, never went on evening nights out, and never went on vacations. At least my dad had a beer or two after a hard day's work. But my mom. Wow. She just went to work, went home, went to work, went home ...for close to thirty freakin' years. I would have been driven mad by such predictability.

Personally, I think it's best that we ocassionally take a breather from our daily routines. Spontaneity prevents insanity, I say. So even on weekdays, we randomly decide to, say, take Malik to a basketball game -

This was the exhibition game between Smart Gilas and a team from Qatar. I'm not sure if this was their national team, but judging from the way they played, siguro naman hindi. Haha

We went with Pao's officemate, Narwin -

Look at their jerseys. I initially thought, "How odd, Pao. All of the Qatar players have the same surname." Heehee

Sometimes after work, we also take Malik to a place where he can ride horsies -

Or show off his new shirt -

I hope we can still do this even when Malik goes to school already. We'll just have to strike a balance between being sane parents and developing some sort of routine for the sake of Malik's education. At least it won't come to the point when I'd make up fake family emergencies so I can take Malik out of school. No, no. We won't come to that...I think.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Suggestion Box

Dear Selecta/Magnolia, can you make ice cream mochi already so they'd be made more afforable? I don't know why these things cost so much here. The first ice cream mochi balls I had were simply from a 7/11 store in Hongkong. In Manila, they're practically considered as artisan ice cream, which is the only reason I could think of as to why they're so ridiculously priced. Boo.

For example, we tried out these green tea ice cream mochi balls from the weekend food fair in Eastwood Mall for P70 each. Too steep, considering that they were barely the size of two dumplings placed side by side and were only made of, well, ice cream and glutinuous rice (In Filipino, galapong!).

I would really love to pig out on these. I find that biting into the cold, chewy goodness of mochi ice cream can be quite comforting. But I can't afford to at present. So if anyone from Selecta/Manolia is reading this, please do your homegurl a favor and get on with the product development!

On a totally unrelated note, I made avocado refrigerator cake for the boys this week. Whoopee. I was reminded only because my cake is colored green as well. I admittedly deserve to have some points deducted because of the poor presentation but this tastes okay, I swear. :D

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The prints have it

Well, well, well. CMG in Trinoma is having a renovation sale. Select shoes, day and evening bags are "Buy One Take One" at already discounted prices.

My online shoe shopping searches turn up "cork," "wedges," and "espadrilles" lately in the following color categories: green, coral, pink and printed. So imagine my delight when I got to take home these babies at dirt cheap prices.

I like both so much I can't tell you which one I like better. This one's grest because of the manageable heel height. It's also probably the lightest pair of wedges I own, all thanks to the cork heel.

But this one's great too because of its color (I haven't been buying colored shoes lately) and the feminine grossgrain ribbon straps and bright green satin footbed.

As usual, I can't tell you until when the sale will go on. I didn't ask. I'm not much of a helpful blogger in that sense. But since it's a renovation sale, I'm guessing they'll hold it until stocks last.

I'm off to the Port 88 Sale today at the Megatent in Meralco Avenue for some "me" time. This only means that I fully intend to burn through a portion of my salary, so I can fill that gaping void in my gut. Please don't judge me. I can't help it. It's just the way I was wired. Hay.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cake and Coffee

Hola! I'm home early today because (a) I went to work early and (b) school hasn't started yet. I am able to blog because in addition to (a) and (b), Malik is asleep. This only means that I'm able to take out the iPad without him comandeering it. Yey.

Have you heard of Cravings' Coffee and Cake All-You-Want promo? Pao and I tried it out over the weekend and I must say, I'm impressed.

If you are a dessert and coffee lover like I am, then this one's for you. For only P150, you get as many slices of cake as you can handle AND you get to wash those down with as many cups of brewed coffee as you want. Be warned though. The coffee is pretty strong. I down about 4 cups of coffee in a workday and I was able to drink only a cup and half of Cravings' coffee. Pao drank two cups. Being practically a caffeine virgin, Pao stayed up all night!

When you Google "cravings coffee and cake all you want" you will likely come across another blogger who is not as impressed about the promo as I am. In fairness to him, the cakes are limited and the slices are thin. On the day that we went, we were only allowed to try Double Chocolate, Caramel Chocolate (moist and rich, in my opinion), Devil's Foodcake (with just the right amount of sweetness in its marshmallow icing) and Carrot Cake Cheesecake (with frosting that's perfectly cheesy). But for P150, I just think that's a steal!

Check out Cravings' interiors too. Pang-mayaman. Heehee

(Cravings may be found at the Eastwood Mall, the Orange Place along Santolan Road in San Juan, in Katipunan, and in Tomas Morato. I'm not sure if there are other branches. These are all I know. :))

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Boracay: Day 3 (and some musings)

Today we're taking a look at Day 3 of our trip. This was the best day for me, in terms of the  number of things that we were able to get done. The weather was just perfect for strolling and lounging around, and for going to the beach - two of them to be exact.

There will be a lot of photos after the jump. Don't say I didn't warn you. :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Malik insisted that he hold on to his Lightning McQueen toy, silver matchbox, and mini-basketball while we were  trying to get him to sleep.

That's McQueen to your left, the silver mini-van on Malik's chest, and the little basketball in Malik's left hand.
He fell asleep surrounded by all three. So it turns out, there is no discrimination here. Basketball and cars occupy a place of equal favor in Malik's heart.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Beep beep Zoom zoom

We're taking a break from my Boracay chronicles to show you the many modes of transportation that Malik experienced for the first time while on vacation.* Let's see. There's the air plane -

This is actually the plane that we rode on our way home. Same goes for most of the pictures below. We were having problems with our camera on the way to the beach, but we sure as hell made for lost photo ops on our way back. :)

And the bus (coaster) that took us from and to the port -

You can tell by Malik's expression that this is all new to him. Mukha siyang behaved no? Memorize that expression, it doesn't happen too often. Heehee
And then the boat, which we rode from and to the island -

And then the multi cab, which took us from our hotel to D'Mall as the need arose -

Look at Malachi enjoying hanging on to the rail!
Malik also rode tricycles a lot. Tricycles are, after all, the main mode of transportation around Boracay. I just wasn't able to take pictures of that because Malik was sitting on my lap.

Soon, we'll take Malik to the MRT (on a Sunday most likely). We'll also teach him how to ride buses and jeepneys around Metro Manila, which trips will of course be complemented with nostalgic narrations about how I passed by Cubao ibabaw everyday when I was a student, at a time when the MRT was still inexistent. I rode a tricycle + 2 jeepneys to get to UP, and I am proud to have gone on those daily commutes because there were just too many things to see! Good times, those days. Good times...

This is especially for you, Malachi. You're too young to remember now but when you grow up, you may want to see pictures of the first time you rode [insert mode of transportation here]. Here you go.  

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

Mc Queen's No.1 Fan

Malik has diversified his interests lately (Parang portfolio lang, "diversified". Haha) It used to be just basketball, and then we progressed to Barney, and then Elmo and Sesame Street. [Although this photo looks contrived, promise, Malik placed all of those things on the floor by himself.]

Now he's into Cars, as in Lightning McQueen from the Piston Cup -

It was bound to happen. Pogiboy has always been interested in wheels and such. My only problem with this new "thing" is that Malik likes to watch the same part of the cartoon over and over. Sometimes, hearing Sheryl Crow's song in the opening sequence of Cars for the 5th time in a row makes me want to throw the TV out of the window. And then I realize, mahal ang TV. So I calm down and just live with it. :p

By the way, I noticed that Malik likes to lie on his tummy like this -

A year ago, we were ecstatic when Malik learned to turn from tummy to back and vice versa. Look at him now all grown up. Ang bilis lang no?

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Boracay: Day 1

As promised, here are some photos from last weekend's vacation in Boracay. These posts will come in four installments, one for each day we were there. I do not expect anyone who does not know us personally to be interested in these so I'm sparing the rest of you by creating a "jump". Just click, click on the "Read more" link if you want! :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011


I know, I know. It's been too long. I was dealing with hell week in school and barely had time to brush my hair, so blogging had to take the backseat for a while. But now that one of eight terms is over, I am baaaack! (At least until the next term starts in a week. Ngii.)

I will be sharing more decent photos from our 4-day weekend vacation at the beach. Whoopee. But today, we're rushing to get some errands done so I'll have to leave you with these -

Can I just say something about my outfit? I'm wearing a Calvin Klein orange maxi dress that I got off ebay for...wait for it...P200! Bongga-dera.

This was one of the best parts of our trip. We spent one afternoon looking at parasailers (Is this what they call people who go parasailing? hehe), watching the waves, eating mango and drinking fruit shakes. Of course Malik was enjoying his own "me"-time, sleeping like that on the beach. Saraaap.

Ok, gotta go. Bye!
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