Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Beep beep Zoom zoom

We're taking a break from my Boracay chronicles to show you the many modes of transportation that Malik experienced for the first time while on vacation.* Let's see. There's the air plane -

This is actually the plane that we rode on our way home. Same goes for most of the pictures below. We were having problems with our camera on the way to the beach, but we sure as hell made for lost photo ops on our way back. :)

And the bus (coaster) that took us from and to the port -

You can tell by Malik's expression that this is all new to him. Mukha siyang behaved no? Memorize that expression, it doesn't happen too often. Heehee
And then the boat, which we rode from and to the island -

And then the multi cab, which took us from our hotel to D'Mall as the need arose -

Look at Malachi enjoying hanging on to the rail!
Malik also rode tricycles a lot. Tricycles are, after all, the main mode of transportation around Boracay. I just wasn't able to take pictures of that because Malik was sitting on my lap.

Soon, we'll take Malik to the MRT (on a Sunday most likely). We'll also teach him how to ride buses and jeepneys around Metro Manila, which trips will of course be complemented with nostalgic narrations about how I passed by Cubao ibabaw everyday when I was a student, at a time when the MRT was still inexistent. I rode a tricycle + 2 jeepneys to get to UP, and I am proud to have gone on those daily commutes because there were just too many things to see! Good times, those days. Good times...

This is especially for you, Malachi. You're too young to remember now but when you grow up, you may want to see pictures of the first time you rode [insert mode of transportation here]. Here you go.  

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