Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Boracay: Day 2

Our agenda for Day 2 was to do N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

Pao and Malik hit the beach as soon as we woke up.

We wanted to walk the length of the beach all the way to Station 2 but the tides won't let us. Anyway, the weather did not stop the boys from enjoying our part of the beach. Malik likes the surf!

We walked and walked -

- and played on the beach -

- until we stumbled upon this in front of Patio Pacific -

Those are dozens of bamboo poles arranged to look like a teepee. Was it art? I don't know. Reminded me of a game I played when I was little called pick-up-sticks though.

Malik had a grand time just running around. In contrast to our apartment in Manila, all the space must have amazed the little one. Here he is thinking that we're chasing after him when we were really just standing around. Haha -

Before we knew it, Malik had skipped lunch! Malik's meal consisted of water and french fries. Not the healthiest meal I know, but it had to do.

(The reason why these photos are so bright was that the camera decided on its own to go on manual mode. Tsk. Okay lang, parang sinadya naman. Artiste. Hehe)

That was all, at least for Day 2. Two more to go! Yahoo.

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