Friday, September 9, 2011

Boracay: Day 3 (and some musings)

Today we're taking a look at Day 3 of our trip. This was the best day for me, in terms of the  number of things that we were able to get done. The weather was just perfect for strolling and lounging around, and for going to the beach - two of them to be exact.

There will be a lot of photos after the jump. Don't say I didn't warn you. :)

In the morning, we met up with my cousin who took us to Fairways and Bluewater. That resort is located on the other side of the island, where the winds aren't as strong but where the sand is a little courser. 

I loved it there because we were mostly alone. It was fun to pretend that we owned the island. Parang Buena Familia lang. Ha.!

Gladi: "Bueno, nasaan ang mga kabayo? Ilabas ang karwahe. Ilabas." 
We were able to hit the water at close to noon, so we had to look for a shaded area near a cave to take a dip in. Believe it or not, there were live fish there. My cousin brought bread with her to the water. The fish were at our feet feeding! Amazing. 

Here's Malik, all wound up and ready to go!
Malik: "Enough of these pictures please! Let. Me. Swim."
We had lunch at a restaurant called Zuzuni. 

Malik is all about balls, even at the beach. This stall was outside the restaurant. The lady was kind enough to agree to pretend she's selling to Malik so we can take a photo. Hehe
I had clam pasta. Those are fresh grated parmesan. I just hate it when restaurants hand me grated parmesan from a bottle. I have stale parmesan at home. Why would I want it again in a restaurant? Sungit. :p
Malik had fish and chips. Not the best fish, but the salad was good.

I must say, even though Boracay is as close to a city as you can get in a tropical island, often times it's still difficult to find decent food. I'm glad we were introduced to Zuzuni. The downside is that I don't know how much our meal cost, because it just came with the package that we got from the travel agency. But next time we go, I'm sure to go back to this place to eat. They have a decent wine selection too!

We intended to make the most of the remainder of our vacation by spending the rest of the day at the beach. 

Here are priceless photos of Malik playing in the sand and running after no one in particular. :)

When the sun set, we were more or less good. We just had a quick snack at the local Yellow Cab (Can you believe it? Yellow Cab in an island?!) where Malik devoured an entire slice of pizza. Turns out, Malik slept through and hence, again skipped lunch. Nom-nomnom. 

I honestly had more fun on this 4-day vacation than I did in my latest 2-week trip. No offense meant to our friends in the 1st world. This is only because Pao and Malik were with me in Boracay, whereas we had to leave Malik at home while Pao and I were in the U.S. Even though I had fun filling my tummy with indulgent food and filling my shopping cart to excess there, I couldn't help wishing pogiboy was with us. It's just the way the world works now. 

Malik giving Mama a big gigil hug. Saraaap.
So next time, maybe we can take Malik. Not on a 16-hour plane ride, of course. Not yet. But I think Malik and I are ready to venture into a trip outside of the country. Somewhere near, preferably. Like, I don't know. Singapore or Bali. Aha.

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  1. Awwww cute naman! Sana we can take calleigh to bora din. Kaso elevator palang wild na sya. Ano pa kaya pag airplane baka mapababa kme ng wala sa oras. Or pag benadryl ko nalang para borlogs. Hahaha! Nice photos too! :)


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