Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cake and Coffee

Hola! I'm home early today because (a) I went to work early and (b) school hasn't started yet. I am able to blog because in addition to (a) and (b), Malik is asleep. This only means that I'm able to take out the iPad without him comandeering it. Yey.

Have you heard of Cravings' Coffee and Cake All-You-Want promo? Pao and I tried it out over the weekend and I must say, I'm impressed.

If you are a dessert and coffee lover like I am, then this one's for you. For only P150, you get as many slices of cake as you can handle AND you get to wash those down with as many cups of brewed coffee as you want. Be warned though. The coffee is pretty strong. I down about 4 cups of coffee in a workday and I was able to drink only a cup and half of Cravings' coffee. Pao drank two cups. Being practically a caffeine virgin, Pao stayed up all night!

When you Google "cravings coffee and cake all you want" you will likely come across another blogger who is not as impressed about the promo as I am. In fairness to him, the cakes are limited and the slices are thin. On the day that we went, we were only allowed to try Double Chocolate, Caramel Chocolate (moist and rich, in my opinion), Devil's Foodcake (with just the right amount of sweetness in its marshmallow icing) and Carrot Cake Cheesecake (with frosting that's perfectly cheesy). But for P150, I just think that's a steal!

Check out Cravings' interiors too. Pang-mayaman. Heehee

(Cravings may be found at the Eastwood Mall, the Orange Place along Santolan Road in San Juan, in Katipunan, and in Tomas Morato. I'm not sure if there are other branches. These are all I know. :))

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