Monday, September 19, 2011

Suggestion Box

Dear Selecta/Magnolia, can you make ice cream mochi already so they'd be made more afforable? I don't know why these things cost so much here. The first ice cream mochi balls I had were simply from a 7/11 store in Hongkong. In Manila, they're practically considered as artisan ice cream, which is the only reason I could think of as to why they're so ridiculously priced. Boo.

For example, we tried out these green tea ice cream mochi balls from the weekend food fair in Eastwood Mall for P70 each. Too steep, considering that they were barely the size of two dumplings placed side by side and were only made of, well, ice cream and glutinuous rice (In Filipino, galapong!).

I would really love to pig out on these. I find that biting into the cold, chewy goodness of mochi ice cream can be quite comforting. But I can't afford to at present. So if anyone from Selecta/Manolia is reading this, please do your homegurl a favor and get on with the product development!

On a totally unrelated note, I made avocado refrigerator cake for the boys this week. Whoopee. I was reminded only because my cake is colored green as well. I admittedly deserve to have some points deducted because of the poor presentation but this tastes okay, I swear. :D

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  1. owkie owkie,

    i just googled how to put like button on blogger. hehhehe.

    oh there's ice cream mochi on Sofie's mom. t's really yumyum.

  2. Mabuti naman Denise. Like! Hihi


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