Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunrise Buckets

I was seriously craving for buffalo wings a couple of weeks ago, but Pao had enough of Charlie's in this lifetime. So instead of heading to the usual, we ended up a block down - in Sunrise Buckets, Madison Square.

We had wings delivered from this place when it first opened and I remember the chicken tasting okay. Fast forward to a year later and the chicken still tasted okay, which means, well, it's not great.

That week we had original buffalo wings and garlic parmesan wings -

As you can see, their portions are smaller than Charlie's. Malaki lang ang bucket pero walang lamang manok. Fail. :p

I like Charlie's blue cheese dip better than Sunrise Bucket's yogurt-based dip because it is just tastier, richer and goes better with the buffalo sauce. Sunrise's garlic parmesan wings also lack actual parmesan. The highlight of our meal was actually the Potato Corner Giga fries that we brought to the store. Buti na lang walang corkage. Heehee

Plus points for the interiors though. The place has the surfer/beach vibe down pat -

I imagine, this should be a good place to meet groupmates from school because of the free wifi and the comfy looking sofa.

But since there are plenty of other places that have better food and are more importantly, better lit (for reading!) I best meet my groupmates elsewhere. Charlie's pa din forevah.

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