Sunday, October 30, 2011


Ooops. While we were in -

(Tada!) - the powdery white shores of Boracay, I completely forgot all about time and expectedly, the blog. So, how is everyone? My family and I went to the beach for the weekend, this time with some friends.

We were supposed to meet up with St.Stephen there, but our schedule had to give way for more important events and so we ended up going without him. (Hello, Tet! We missed you!)

Ooh. The weather was great. It was crazy raining in the evenings, but mornings and afternoons were all sorts of awesome. Malik had an even better time this round I think because he was with Kuyas Zwei and Magus. Here they are doing the robot dance in the room. Libreng palabas! Teehee -

Meanwhile, Pao and I took a leap of faith and went on "vacation" without Yaya Two. We learned that, with a lot of help, we can manage. Although I must admit, the trip felt partly like a business trip, i.e. parents out of town with a toddler = serious business. :p

We weren't able to bring a decent camera, but met some success getting Kenneth to take pictures. I hope to get hold of those and post some here. Meantime, I hope these prints from Hipstamatic will do. Bi doo bi doo.

Anywhie, we're back at home. Malik missed his cars, Pao missed napping, and I missed my style blogs. So we're off. Toodles!

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hulaan niyo

We are spending the weekend someplace else.*

Check back in a bit. I'll post more interesting photos tomorrow. In the meantime, here's Malik acting very uninterested in the camera.

* But there are people in our home! Oh, in case someone out there decides to commit a crime against our property. Not that there's anything worth stealing from our house. There's really nothing valuable there. It's not worth the jail time. Promise.

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Cold Layers

We had the most amazing snow ice over the weekend at Cold Layers. I'm not one to exaggerate but for realz, Cold Layers is DA BEST! In additon to tea and smoothies, Cold Layers serves mostly flavored ice, which is so fine it feels like snow on your tongue.

If it's your first time, I highly recommend First Crush (P220) - soy snow ice, brown syrup, with grass jelly and tapioca pearls. That's First Crush to your right, ignore the chubby little fingers pointing at the wrong bowl Heehee -

The price may be a turn off, but we got ours at a discount all thanks to CashCash Pinoy. Yey.

Anyway, one serving is good for two normal people. But since Pao and I aren't very normal, we also got Sweet Surrender (P250) - Horlicks snow ice, with Horlicks and graham powder, tapioca pearls and chocolate syrup. Horlicks, by the way, is a malted milk hot drink manufactured by pharma company GSK. Betcha didn't know that. Ha! :p

Malik wanted to try Sweet Surrender first -

Notice the anticipation in his eyes -

And in mine too Nomnomnom -

In addition to the super good snow ice, I like Cold Layers because there's plenty of room to move around.

They're located in a new building along Connecticut St. in Greenhills (same building as the new Banapple), which is why the place is basically desserted, even on Sunday lunch hour.

Malik made a new friend, whom he fondly calls "Pun". I guess Malik thought the penguin was a panda. I tried telling him the difference, but he's too stubborn to listen. Hayaan na natin.

Gladi:"Are you sleepy, Malik?"
Malik:"No, no."

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

There's two of them

I'm glad to be baaaack. Monday and Tuesday saw me through several hearings, and a 4:00 p.m. flight from Cebu to catch a 6:30 p.m. exam in school. I made it though. I was dead tired, and hungry, and aching all over when I got home at the end of the day. But I made it. Yey.

Today, on the other hand, is mellow yellow. I'm so happy I get to watch cartoons with pogiboy. Things are looking up this long weekend too. Where are you folks headed?

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Division of Labor

We like to think of ourselves as a team. Sure, Pao does most of the hardwork - waking up in the wee hours of the morning, driving all the way to the race venue, running the actual race blah blah blah.

But Malik and I do our part too. For one, Malik has to pose for the camera with a heavy medal on his neck.

Sometimes we make him wear the cap too.

And then I have to think of ways to wear these singlets. So hard.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Night night

I've been told, your baby's still a baby as long as he sleeps with his fists closed. I've been observing how Malik sleeps lately, and judging by these photos -

- it looks like Malik is still my pogi-baby-boy.

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Hi everyone, I'm still heeerreee! To the two or three readers of my blog, sorry for not posting anything the entire week. You know the drill. Life got it in the way. I can't say I'd be posting more often in the next few weeks. It's the middle of the term in school, which means I've got to hit the books. Plus, there's the matter of having to earn a living at the same time, so expect things to be quieter in these parts of the woods. *crickets*

Today, I'm just doing a quick round up of the things that I ought to have written about had I had the TIME. Sheesh. Let's see. 1) There's lunch with the sexiest lawyers in the world -

Can you spot Buzz Lightyear?

2) And then somefriends and I took on the best grilled marbled beef at YakiMix -

[I should take a proper outfit shot of my dress, don't you think? I got this for...wait for it...P150. !! Hold on, that's not the big surprise. I got this for P150 on a thirfting trip that I took when I was still in high school. !!! Can you believe that? Here I am looking for vintage dresses online, not realizing that I have one just hanging in my old closet in my parents' home. Amazeballs.]

Anyhoo, going back...3) We got Malik this costume for Halloween -

I was surprised Malik was willing to wear it when he saw it. Yey for recognizing the lion, Malachi. Rawr.

3) And then to cap the week, my nephews Ax and Teo celebrated their birthdays with the Philippines' most famous bubuyog. This was Malik's reaction when he saw Jollibee -

Really, what is it with this mascot? Kids just love him (or her. We'll never know. Teehee)

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Mahal-ia Jackson Burger

We had one of the best burgers I've ever had in my life in a dark place in Fort Bonifacio last week. Too  bad I forgot what the place is called, but I vaguely remember the menu read "World's Best Burger". Indeed.

Pao's burger came with bacon.
Mine came with sauteed mushroom and caramelized onions. Yum.
By the way, did you notice the bun? It's shaped like a heart! Sneaky.

In our home this Sunday

Little things make a lot of difference. Case in point is this shoe rack that we got last weekend.

The upright thing-ies look like they were made precisely for Malik's shoes. Yey.
Before this, some 5 to 6 pairs of shoes and slippers were strewn outside our room. It was becoming a health and safety hazard. So yah, thank goodness for shoe racks.

On a totally different note, look at Malik playing with the iTouch like a big[ger] boy.

Gladi: "What's that you're watching?"
Malik: "Ka ka ka ka."
Thankfully, the games hold his attention for about 30 minutes max. After which, he goes back to playing with actual toys -

Malik enjoys making his toy cars crash against each other. Is this really how little boys play? 

Saturday, October 15, 2011


I get the same feeling out of unboxing shoes as most normal people probably would when unboxing gadgets. I get giddy and excited. And I like how shoes feel when you first touch them. Weird.

These arrived for me Thursday night -

Behold ze Michael Antonio Galactic Wedge Sandals in black.

Michael Antonio has showrooms in California and New York. His shoes are also available through trendy online stores Endless, Karmaloop and Piperlime. I got my sandals off and had them shipped to St. Stephen in the U.S., who in turn had them shipped to my lovely tropical country.

These are available locally actually, which is why you're probably wondering why I had to go through all that trouble to bring these shoes to me. The odd thing is that, although Michael Antonio (the actual person) grew up in Cebu, these shoes cost more when you purchase them here in the Philippines than they would if I purchased them abroad. They cost 100% more, to be exact. Why that is so is beyond me. Can somebody please explain why? Anybody?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Isn't that Dandy

I have to hand it to Pao. He has mastered the art of gift-giving. Last night, he got me this painting -

"Family" by Dandy Roy Morales c 2005
Oil on canvass

I've been meaning to buy this from Pao's former boss, but I was waiting for some extra cash to come my way. So to be realistic about it, purchasing this by myself would have been a long time coming. Thank God for husbands! Hehe

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Back-Up

I got Malik a back up -

- because the old one looks so battered now.

Malik took the old Lightning McQueen everywhere. To his baths even, which explains why ye ol' Lightning McQueen's eyes are gone now. Huhu
But it turns out, kids don't care so much about how their toys look. Malik was excited when I gave him the new toy but he loves the old McQueen just as much. Now, before he goes to sleep, he looks for both. Isn't that interesting?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Splish Splash

Last overcast Saturday, we found ourselves in Splash Island to celebrate the birthday of my inaanak, Magus. Let's all say hi to the birthday boy -

Hellowwww birthday boy!
My instincts told me not to go because Splash Island has been around for too long and I expected it to be in a state of spiraling neglect (I found this to be true eventually). But I changed my mind because, judging from our last trip to the beach, I know Malik will enjoy splish-splashing in the water. (More photos after the jump. Click, click.)

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Plan

I promised that I'd show you a photo of Malik sleeping in the car, clutching a basketball. I'm not one to forget promises, so here goes -

The reason why the basketball ring was right beside Malik was because he cried  like hell whenever the ring wasn't in his view.  Parang teddy bear lang siya ni Malik, except well, it's not a teddy bear but a basketball ring!
The boys and I are off to a fair in Bonifacio tonight. I expect some face-painting and running around to happen for Malik, and some gift-buying for someone who's about to celebrate her birthday. *Ahem*

And just 'cause I can, I'm ending today's post with a photo of my little drummer boy.

Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Coddled and Cosseted

I fear we're coddling Malachi. He usually gets what he wants, especially when we're outside because he likes to throw tantrums and we've walked enough Walks of Shame* already.

Yes, we lug a basketball ring around. When Malik says he wants to play basketball ...

... he will play basketball even when that means daddy will have to carry the ring around the mall. Yipes.

My mother says Malik is her most stubborn apo (pinaka-matigas ang ulo). I'd like to think she says that in an endearing way. Double yipes.

Find Malik. (He's usually the baby with the tantrums.) 
I know it's our responsibility as parents to raise well-adjusted, socially adaptable human beings, which means Malik must know that he cannot always get what he wants because that's not the way the world works. It's just that we've waited too long since getting married for a baby so when we were finally given one, WOW. I guess you can say that we went nuts. Plus, since Pao and I work full time, we tend to overcompensate for our absence at home by showering Malik with too much attention when we're around.

Malik stayed inside the house during Lola's Au's birthday party because he just did not want to be around people. Toddler moods, I guess.

The coddling has to stop, right? Sometimes when Malik throws a fit, I let him lie on the floor until he gets tired of it.

Malik: "Just one of dem days..."
But the resistance takes getting used to. I try you guys, but I often get too tired of the whining and the crying that I let Malik do whatever he wants just to get a reprieve from all the noise. Hay.

* Walk of Shame - The walk to the exit that a parent does when his/her toddler decides to throw a fit in a restaurant, the movie theater or similar public places.
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