Thursday, October 6, 2011

Coddled and Cosseted

I fear we're coddling Malachi. He usually gets what he wants, especially when we're outside because he likes to throw tantrums and we've walked enough Walks of Shame* already.

Yes, we lug a basketball ring around. When Malik says he wants to play basketball ...

... he will play basketball even when that means daddy will have to carry the ring around the mall. Yipes.

My mother says Malik is her most stubborn apo (pinaka-matigas ang ulo). I'd like to think she says that in an endearing way. Double yipes.

Find Malik. (He's usually the baby with the tantrums.) 
I know it's our responsibility as parents to raise well-adjusted, socially adaptable human beings, which means Malik must know that he cannot always get what he wants because that's not the way the world works. It's just that we've waited too long since getting married for a baby so when we were finally given one, WOW. I guess you can say that we went nuts. Plus, since Pao and I work full time, we tend to overcompensate for our absence at home by showering Malik with too much attention when we're around.

Malik stayed inside the house during Lola's Au's birthday party because he just did not want to be around people. Toddler moods, I guess.

The coddling has to stop, right? Sometimes when Malik throws a fit, I let him lie on the floor until he gets tired of it.

Malik: "Just one of dem days..."
But the resistance takes getting used to. I try you guys, but I often get too tired of the whining and the crying that I let Malik do whatever he wants just to get a reprieve from all the noise. Hay.

* Walk of Shame - The walk to the exit that a parent does when his/her toddler decides to throw a fit in a restaurant, the movie theater or similar public places.


  1. Punishment!!! Hehe! Calleigh din ganyan! Part ata na ng terrible 2.:) ako napapalo ko si calleigh then quiet chair and explain. Medyo nag tatantrums pero sana mawala na soon. Medyo alam na niya pag ka galit na ako mag iiba na agad ng mood kasi ayaw niya mapalo at mag quiet chair.:) pag naiinis sya sa toys binabato nya then kunin ko toys and itatago and then explain. Di ko pa maalis ngayon yung ayaw sa tao. Lahat nalang i dont like gusto din loob lang ng bahay. Kaya try ko enroll sa gymboree for play time lang muna. Haaaay! Hehe!

  2. Hey Mishee. I'm pretty much set on palo as punishment. It's just not an option for me, so Malik hasn't been slapped in the bum or his hands or anywhere else for that matter (at least not yet). I will try the quiet chair though. We tried time out before but Malik did not react very well to it.


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