Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cold Layers

We had the most amazing snow ice over the weekend at Cold Layers. I'm not one to exaggerate but for realz, Cold Layers is DA BEST! In additon to tea and smoothies, Cold Layers serves mostly flavored ice, which is so fine it feels like snow on your tongue.

If it's your first time, I highly recommend First Crush (P220) - soy snow ice, brown syrup, with grass jelly and tapioca pearls. That's First Crush to your right, ignore the chubby little fingers pointing at the wrong bowl Heehee -

The price may be a turn off, but we got ours at a discount all thanks to CashCash Pinoy. Yey.

Anyway, one serving is good for two normal people. But since Pao and I aren't very normal, we also got Sweet Surrender (P250) - Horlicks snow ice, with Horlicks and graham powder, tapioca pearls and chocolate syrup. Horlicks, by the way, is a malted milk hot drink manufactured by pharma company GSK. Betcha didn't know that. Ha! :p

Malik wanted to try Sweet Surrender first -

Notice the anticipation in his eyes -

And in mine too Nomnomnom -

In addition to the super good snow ice, I like Cold Layers because there's plenty of room to move around.

They're located in a new building along Connecticut St. in Greenhills (same building as the new Banapple), which is why the place is basically desserted, even on Sunday lunch hour.

Malik made a new friend, whom he fondly calls "Pun". I guess Malik thought the penguin was a panda. I tried telling him the difference, but he's too stubborn to listen. Hayaan na natin.

Gladi:"Are you sleepy, Malik?"
Malik:"No, no."

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