Saturday, October 15, 2011


I get the same feeling out of unboxing shoes as most normal people probably would when unboxing gadgets. I get giddy and excited. And I like how shoes feel when you first touch them. Weird.

These arrived for me Thursday night -

Behold ze Michael Antonio Galactic Wedge Sandals in black.

Michael Antonio has showrooms in California and New York. His shoes are also available through trendy online stores Endless, Karmaloop and Piperlime. I got my sandals off and had them shipped to St. Stephen in the U.S., who in turn had them shipped to my lovely tropical country.

These are available locally actually, which is why you're probably wondering why I had to go through all that trouble to bring these shoes to me. The odd thing is that, although Michael Antonio (the actual person) grew up in Cebu, these shoes cost more when you purchase them here in the Philippines than they would if I purchased them abroad. They cost 100% more, to be exact. Why that is so is beyond me. Can somebody please explain why? Anybody?

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