Monday, October 17, 2011

In our home this Sunday

Little things make a lot of difference. Case in point is this shoe rack that we got last weekend.

The upright thing-ies look like they were made precisely for Malik's shoes. Yey.
Before this, some 5 to 6 pairs of shoes and slippers were strewn outside our room. It was becoming a health and safety hazard. So yah, thank goodness for shoe racks.

On a totally different note, look at Malik playing with the iTouch like a big[ger] boy.

Gladi: "What's that you're watching?"
Malik: "Ka ka ka ka."
Thankfully, the games hold his attention for about 30 minutes max. After which, he goes back to playing with actual toys -

Malik enjoys making his toy cars crash against each other. Is this really how little boys play? 

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