Friday, October 14, 2011

Isn't that Dandy

I have to hand it to Pao. He has mastered the art of gift-giving. Last night, he got me this painting -

"Family" by Dandy Roy Morales c 2005
Oil on canvass

I've been meaning to buy this from Pao's former boss, but I was waiting for some extra cash to come my way. So to be realistic about it, purchasing this by myself would have been a long time coming. Thank God for husbands! Hehe

Dandy Roy Morales is a former martial arts expert turned artist who trained under renowned expressionist William Yu.  We can see more of Dandy Roy's work here.
I love that the painting looks like it was made for the boys and myself. This would be me -

This would be Malik -

They have the same haircut, see?
And the same chubby feet!
And this would be Pao, complete with guitar -

The guitar on the lower left of this photo is actually mine. Pao keeps his guitar in his office.

The boys admiring our newly-acquired work of art. Chos.
Three cheers for birthdays! Hooray hooray hooray!


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