Sunday, October 30, 2011


Ooops. While we were in -

(Tada!) - the powdery white shores of Boracay, I completely forgot all about time and expectedly, the blog. So, how is everyone? My family and I went to the beach for the weekend, this time with some friends.

We were supposed to meet up with St.Stephen there, but our schedule had to give way for more important events and so we ended up going without him. (Hello, Tet! We missed you!)

Ooh. The weather was great. It was crazy raining in the evenings, but mornings and afternoons were all sorts of awesome. Malik had an even better time this round I think because he was with Kuyas Zwei and Magus. Here they are doing the robot dance in the room. Libreng palabas! Teehee -

Meanwhile, Pao and I took a leap of faith and went on "vacation" without Yaya Two. We learned that, with a lot of help, we can manage. Although I must admit, the trip felt partly like a business trip, i.e. parents out of town with a toddler = serious business. :p

We weren't able to bring a decent camera, but met some success getting Kenneth to take pictures. I hope to get hold of those and post some here. Meantime, I hope these prints from Hipstamatic will do. Bi doo bi doo.

Anywhie, we're back at home. Malik missed his cars, Pao missed napping, and I missed my style blogs. So we're off. Toodles!

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