Saturday, October 22, 2011


Hi everyone, I'm still heeerreee! To the two or three readers of my blog, sorry for not posting anything the entire week. You know the drill. Life got it in the way. I can't say I'd be posting more often in the next few weeks. It's the middle of the term in school, which means I've got to hit the books. Plus, there's the matter of having to earn a living at the same time, so expect things to be quieter in these parts of the woods. *crickets*

Today, I'm just doing a quick round up of the things that I ought to have written about had I had the TIME. Sheesh. Let's see. 1) There's lunch with the sexiest lawyers in the world -

Can you spot Buzz Lightyear?

2) And then somefriends and I took on the best grilled marbled beef at YakiMix -

[I should take a proper outfit shot of my dress, don't you think? I got this for...wait for it...P150. !! Hold on, that's not the big surprise. I got this for P150 on a thirfting trip that I took when I was still in high school. !!! Can you believe that? Here I am looking for vintage dresses online, not realizing that I have one just hanging in my old closet in my parents' home. Amazeballs.]

Anyhoo, going back...3) We got Malik this costume for Halloween -

I was surprised Malik was willing to wear it when he saw it. Yey for recognizing the lion, Malachi. Rawr.

3) And then to cap the week, my nephews Ax and Teo celebrated their birthdays with the Philippines' most famous bubuyog. This was Malik's reaction when he saw Jollibee -

Really, what is it with this mascot? Kids just love him (or her. We'll never know. Teehee)

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