Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Splish Splash

Last overcast Saturday, we found ourselves in Splash Island to celebrate the birthday of my inaanak, Magus. Let's all say hi to the birthday boy -

Hellowwww birthday boy!
My instincts told me not to go because Splash Island has been around for too long and I expected it to be in a state of spiraling neglect (I found this to be true eventually). But I changed my mind because, judging from our last trip to the beach, I know Malik will enjoy splish-splashing in the water. (More photos after the jump. Click, click.)

Get ready for an awesome time, Malachi! 
In case you're wondering, it was drizzling a little.
From this point of view, the place doesn't look too sad. 

Malik: "Let's get it on dad."

I got to swim with my shirt on. Ha! Beat that.
But the state of the water rides would have made my sister run in fear. The changing rooms were especially deplorable - inmates at the women's correctional probably shower in better conditions. Nyii.

We had fun though, especially the kids. 

Magus: "It's not a kiddie pool Tita Gladys. It's an awesome pool."

Malik had fun running around as always.
Behold Malik's first junk food snack ever. Moby caramel puffs.  These are gooood by the way.
Must not also forget Magus' super cool (and tasty!) Spongebob Squarepants cake. Yey.

If asked whether I plan to go back, I would say I'm torn. Maybe I will for Malik's sake, at least until somebody builds a more sanitary water park somewhere.


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