Monday, November 7, 2011

Imitation to the second degree

You'd think that I'd find these at a stall in Greenhills or Divisoria, but nooooh.

These were spotted yesterday at the SM Department store! The tag reads "Grab" and these bags now retail for P799 each (from P999), which is 16% the price of a Banane Birkin and about 0.16% the price of a cheap real Hermes Birkin.

So let's see. Banane Birkin of Taipei printed images of a bag similar to the Hermes Birkin on canvass bags. Hermes has sued the makers of the Banane Birkin before the intellectual property office of Taiwan. Banane's defense is that what they printed on the bags aren't actually images of an Hermes Birkin but of a bag that only looks like it. Besides, it is unlikely that consumers will mistake the Banane Birkin for a real Hermes because of the huge difference in price.

And then here comes another company knocking off a knock-off. Will Banane Birkin sue? If so, on what grounds? I just think it's interesting how the world works. Some people call it the law of karma. I call it, funny. Wahaha

Incidentally, the same company, Grab also sells these bags, which are unimistakeably imitations of Cath Kidston's box bags.

(These retail for P499 each. Cath Kidston box bags retail for GBP22 or P2,500 locally.)

I am actually surprised that a legitimate department store would carry knock-offs of established brands in their retail spaces. SM's lawyers must have studied this already, and an opinion has probably been issued to the effect that the decision is legally defensible. But what does that say about the corporation's values? Sa bagay, matagal na naman nating alam that business is business to SM. If it's going to bring in cash and customers, there's no way that they're going to refuse.

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