Saturday, November 26, 2011

The last two weeks

I won a very prestigious award at work.

Heehee Mind you, the award came with a nice gift cheque, which I ordinarily would have used to buy new shoes. But lo and behold, I used it to buy some clothes and a pair of teats for Malik. I've turned into such a mom. I love it!

Pao scored Steve Job's only authorized biography on a trip to Singapore.

The biography was commissioned by Steve Jobs, some time after he learned that he was suffering from a terminal illness. The author, Mathew Isaacson was Chairman of CNN and Managing Editor of Time Magazine. He has written books about Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin, which says a lot about how Steve Jobs thought of himself. hee

I can't wait to start reading it. Well, as soon as the Christmas break comes along and I actually find the time. I cannot say Steve Jobs was a good man. My theory is that he must have been pretty much of a slave-driver to get to where he was, professionally. Anyway...

Malik turned two years old this week! Woohoo Can you believe it?! The person I most love in the world was this small a few months ago -

Now he can't get his hands off the iPad (parang namomroblema lang) -

Ooh, by the way, Malik knows his shapes now. I downloaded a shape shorter app from the iTunes store, with very little expectations. After several runs at the app, Malik starts picking up the right shapes in the real shape shorter. Amazing (and Thank you, Steve).

Speaking of birthdays, we're almost ready for Malik's party.

Did you notice his new hair cut?

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