Saturday, November 5, 2011


There are plenty of things worth worrying about the island that is Boracay. For instance, where do they take all that trash? How is their sewerage system doing and does their water treatment work? Do the Aklanons benefit from the tourism? Are their building permits issued in consideration of sustainable urban planning?

The local government collects environmental fees at the port. I assume they're putting all those funds to effective use. The good news is that, at the very least, the existing Caticlan airport is a testament to the value that the local government puts to tourism. Look - 1) LCD screens at the departure area -

2) Comfortable, sturdy chairs -

3) Clean lavatory, with faucets that actually work and what do you know, soap and toilet paper -

4) Diaper changing and nursing station -

5) Mobile phone charging station -

6) And coffee/pasalubong shops that do not look like they hail from Cubao ibabaw -

The first time I went through the Caticlan airport was in the mid-2000s. At the time, the airport had nothing of these conveniences. It didn't even have a conveyor belt. But look at the airport now, a mere 5 years later.

I got curious at what seemed like a miracle so I Googled a little. In 2008, there were talks of expanding the Caticlan airport to the tune of P2.5B. It was to be a BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) arrangement to be undertaken by a PRIVATE company called the Caticlan International Airport and Development Corporation. Is this the result of that expansion? If so, well done. Take a bow.

What we're saying is, with political will and efficient financial planning, improvements can be made. So it's really a wonder why the NAIA Domestic Terminal still looks so spent. That airport was built in 1948 and I don't know if it's ever been renovated. What's taking us too long? Hay. At least it has a nursing station -

And a play area -

At least, lang ha.

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