Friday, January 27, 2012

So you'll remember

When you turned two, Malik, you loved Lightning McQueen. That's this world-famous race car here -

We pulled off your birthday party with less than a week of planning, thanks to Ebay and what we called Facebook. We had fun playing with Kinect, which was a device that compelled people to dance -

- while you cried your lungs out and/or rolled your eyes because you didn't want too many people around.

You were odd like that, which was cool. Because we loved you just the same - to the moon and back. :)

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  1. Part ata yun ng pagiging 2 years old. Hay si calleigh din! Ayaw ng madaming tao. Nung bday niya nakipag laro lang sandali then nag pauwi na at nagtago na sa room nya. Lahat I DONT LIKE AND NO! Hehe!

  2. Happy birthday Calleigh! Sorry hindi na kami nakapunta ha.


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