Saturday, March 3, 2012

Congrats anyway

Maybe I haven't been watching much TV, but it feels like the results of the Bar exams this year has not been getting much press. I blame it all on the change in the exam format. For the first time in history, Philippine Bar examinees answered multiple choice questions, wrote a legal memorandum and churned out a legal opinion. Previously, Bar examinees spent all Sundays of September writing essay after essay.

My unsolicited opinion is that multiple choice questions can't capture a person's aptitude to practice law as much as essays can. This is because in real life, good lawyers do not choose among obvious options but think of, sometimes create, the options themselves. In other words, lawyers should not only be logical thinkers - which a multiple choice question could very well adddress. Lawyers should also be creative; able to think out of the box. Anyway.

My long-winded introduction notwithstanding, I guess congratulations are still in order: CONGRATULATIONS to all our new lawyers! I was surprised why no one from the College of Law of U.P. made it to the top ten though. Has that even happened before? Now I'm beginning to doubt the wearability of this t-shirt.

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