Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Little Things

A store called TLTSN (The Little Things She Needs) opened in Manila a few months ago. Whoever thought of the name must understand women. To some, the little knick knacks that we buy are pointless. Ponytail holders gather dust. We only have two feet, so why buy so many pairs of shoes? And do we really need that many shades of lipsticks? But these are needs, I tell you. These things, among others, make us happy. We could of course exercise or volunteer for a good cause to genuinely feel good about ourselves, but those things take time. These are immediate. Short-lived, yes. But they're immediate. :p

That said, (ang haba ng intro) can I just share a photo of these pumps that I recently got from TLTSN?

Nice no? These are made of synthetic suede. And did you notice the heel height? They are barely 2" high, which makes them very sensible. I especially like that these shoes have a vintage feel to them. "Feel" being the qualifier to my opinion because I sure as hell don't want to wear shoes already worn by someone in the 1950s.

The second little thing that I got last week are these -

Anthology Kyotos. They don't show well in the photo above but the right one has a violet upper while the left one has a blue upper. Very weird. Here's a photo from the Anthology website -

As always, the detailing on Anthology shoes speaks well of Filipino (Marikina)-made products. I own another pair of Anthology shoes that have been through close to 2 years of abuse and they still look fine. Note that Anthology shoes are not true to size though. I should order one size up next time.

By the way, the above were bought on sale. So, No, mother. I haven't been squandering money again. Besides, these would be all this month.

I hope. Toodles.

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