Saturday, March 17, 2012

New toys!

Malik was a very happy toddler on Thursday because a bag of goodies arrived with these inside -

Disney Cars AppMATes! Yey.

Here's Malik patiently waiting for me to open the box -

Here's Malik still patiently waiting for me to open the box -

And then here's Malik getting irritated because I'm taking too long to open the box. Heehee -

The app couldn't detect the toys when we first go it, which explains the many bad reviews these things have in the Amazon store. We Googled troubleshooting tips and tried out most of them, e.g. hold toy very lightly by its windows, place toy on flat surface before using it on the iPad, but they weren't working. We ended up just "sleeping on it," hoping that somehow the toys will work.

Well we took them out again yesterday and what do you know, they're okay now.

Our iPad responds best to the Finn Mc Missile toy car - that's the blue toy that Malik's holding in the photo above. So maybe the toys were just suffering from a jet lag. Adjusted na sila ngayon. Heh Thanks Tet and Mike!

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