Friday, March 9, 2012

Ours is bigger

Malik isn't over his Disney Cars phase yet. He isn't exactly compelling me to buy most Lightning McQueen products that come into my line of sight. Maybe it's the other way around. As in I've been reinforcing his liking for the cartoon by getting him all these things.

We chanced upon this app in the Apple Store last week. It's called the Disney Cars AppMATe and it may be downloaded for free. But the idea is for parents to buy their kids the car that goes with the app. That is, at the very unreasonable price of about USD20. Boo. Ang liit kaya.

I have successfully resisted buying the device. The "paper" Lightning McQueen that comes with the app works just fine for Malik.

Besides, who needs a digital race track when you can get this at your local SM Hypermart?

(Mat is P200 or about USD4) Zoom zoom.

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