Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sa Zoo

Manila Zoo isn't so much a zoo now as it is a park. We took Malik there last month and they only had a handful of animals.

Here's a huge hippo enjoying his afternoon snack. It's amazing how animals this big eat only grass.

If  there was one kind of animal that Manila Zoo had a LOT of, that would be the tiger. I'd say 1/4 of the animals there were tigers in pairs. Maybe they were rescued from breeders?

Malik: "Let's get out of here!"
Oooh, by the way. Malik calls tigers, "tay-den".
Manila zoo also had some snakes and boas ...

...that lived in this cave-like structure here. Creepy.
I was hoping Malik would at least see a giraffe but it turns out they don't have one. At least they had a resident elephant, but I felt really bad for him/her. He lives alone, in a concrete structure with shrimp-y looking trees/shrubs in the perimeter.

Can you tell from the photos that Malik was scared? 
I am suddenly reminded that once upon a time, I said I won't patronize zoos anymore. Animals in zoos are scared and sad. But I became a mother, and that resolution was "modified."

We paid a measly P40 to get into Manila Zoo, which probably explains why it is so poorly maintained. What makes me sadder is that people who get to see tigers for P40 can't even bother to throw their trash in the bins rather than in the alligator's pond. That's just so ungrateful of us.

The alligator/crocodile pond. Notice the floating plastic bottles. Tsk.
There's a petting zoo to the side of the entrance, which I hear is a lot better than the actual zoo. The animals there are free to roam around and look healthier daw. Maybe we'll visit that next time.

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