Monday, March 5, 2012


I need to travel. Every day living can drive us crazy if we're not careful so going on vacations for me is not a luxury but a necessity. The last time we went out of town was for a quick trip to Tagaytay. Malik rode a horse-drawn "carriage" for the first time -

We dropped by Sonya's garden just to show our friend Stephen what the fuss was all about. (Frankly, there really isn't much to see there). But the pan de coco from their bakery is worth a try.

And oooh, we had breakfast at the Bag of Beans.

The place looked homey and was great for taking pictures but the food took forever and was so-so. Ladi-da.

Then the boys, young and old, played basketball and hung out.*

Holy week this year falls on a five-day weekend. I've been searching for good deals on trips but it looks like I started searching too late. I don't want to spend those five days just going to the mall. Sayang naman, so I hope I find something interesting and affordable soon. How about you? Where is your family headed?

*Translation: Tumambay lang. :D

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  1. I NEED a vacation, too. But we'll have to play it by ear. Sayang nga the 5-day weekend!

    Hope you guys get to go on your vacation! :-)


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