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What I like about being a student again *ahem* is that I get to meet new people from all sorts of backgrounds and all walks of life. Most of the time, I am surrounded by lawyers or older colleagues who have sadly become jaded about what the remainder of our lives could offer us. My classmates on the other hand, are about 5 years younger than me(on average).* They are new mathematicians, accountants, IT people, engineers, and business owners who are still able to see a lot of potential in the littlest of things.

One classmate in her mid-20s put up a small business called Geicks! with her friends from U.P. They tasted Rodillas' yema cakes on a trip to the Pahiyas festival in Tayabas, Quezon  when they decided to why-the-hell-not distribute these yema cakes in Manila. The idea is simple but brilliant. Geicks! does not claim to make the best yema/caramel cakes, but they will spare you the four-hour trip to Tayabas and will deliver the best to your doorstep.

Rodillas' yema cake by Geicks!
Half - Php299 / Whole - PhP549
Soft chiffon cake with overflowing yema icing and cheese shavings
Rodillas' caramel cake by Geicks!
Half - PhP299 / Whole - P549
This one has the same base as the yema cake, but the sugar in the caramel icing tastes more prominent and the cheese shavings are replaced  with chocolate shavings.

I am personally not a fan of chiffon cakes. I like the denser varieties better, as in cheesecakes, really dense chocolate cakes, turtle pies...yum. But I'm sure some of us who like lighter cakes will love these.

I have tasted both the yema and caramel  cakes. They are fluffy and not too sweet. They remind me of Estrel's caramel cakes, just with less pomp but with the same tradition. As you can see, Rodillas' cakes come in simple rectangles and there isn't much going on in terms of presentation; but people who grew up eating these cakes in Tayabas will move heaven and earth to get their grubby hands on a slice. :)

To order, visit Geicks! or SMS 0927-6881591 .   

* True background story: We were submitting our exam papers in one of our classes when a classmate told me " Grabe, ang tatanda na ng classmates natin no? 1997 ang student number." To which I replied: "Uhm. Oo." Haha

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