Sunday, April 15, 2012

Caine's Arcade

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This is Caine. He is 9 years old and he lives in East L.A. Caine is the son of an auto spare parts dealer. One summer, he decided he'd build his own arcade so he set out making games out of cardboard boxes.
Caine is a genius. Watch this video please.

Caine's story is inspiring in so many ways. First, I am delighted that children with preferences for handywork still exist. Caine is not glued to his X-box. On weekends, he thinks of new arcade games and goes about actually building them.

Second, Caine's story confirms that the world is full of good people. We're just waiting for an opportunity to make someone happy come along. The flashmob that went to play at Caine's Arcade was organized in a matter of days. The guy who made the short film, Nirvan wanted to raise $100,000 for Caine's scholarship fund. The fund is now close to $150,000 and is still growing. I chipped in. ;D

Third, I learned that we should never underestimate the power of supportive parenting. I am amazed by Caine's enterpreneurship, determination and creativity. But these would have easily been stifled if Caine's parents did not support him.

All the while, Caine was probably making all that ruckus in his dad's shop, wasting good packing tape on all those cardboard boxes. When not one customer came to play in Caine's Arcade for the longest time, it would have been easier for his parents to dismiss Caine's dream and tell him to pack up. But they did not. Instead, Caine's parents helped him buy supplies - calculators to check the Arcade's fun passes, rolls of arcade tickets, paint, tape. I'm sure Caine's dad was mighty proud of him and Caine knew this was the case.

I hope someday when Malik sets his sights at doing something that at first feels riduculous or impossible, Pao and I won't laugh at him. There are sparks of brilliance in our children's minds. We can't let our own frustrations drown those out.

High five!
You can read more about Caine's Arcade here. Happy Sunday, everyone!

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