Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Crazy Katsu

The only way for restaurateurs to succeed in Manila and I guess anywhere else, is to find a niche and offer something unique. Case in point is Crazy Katsu along Maginhawa Street, near U.P.

First off, the interiors. Crazy Katsu is unique in its simplicity. Furnishings are square-ish and made of raw wood. Very Japanese.

There aren't too many tables so there's room to move around. We went during the Holy Week though, which may explain the lack (absence actually) of people around.

The walls are mostly bare. Well, except for this very interesting wall art.

It's possible to recreate this piece. We'll need wood glue, dos por dos, and a blindfold.

And then, there's the food. Crazy Katsu has ten items on its menu, tops. I like that I don't have to "build my own burger" or cook my food. Those things are nice when I have all the time in the world but when I'm starving, I like to get food in my tummy quick.

While most Japanese restaurants serve katsudon or fried breaded pork, the chicken katsu in Crazy Katsu is something I would definitely go back for.

Chicken katsu - crunchy chicken cutlets on shredded cabbage. 
The secret is in the sauce. I loved the sauce!

Crazy Katsu's rice is good too. Pang-mayaman. 
Ask for the spices that you see here. They're like the ones that you can get from Yoshinoya.

Here's an AFTER shot of my bowl of rice. Simot.

Pao had the katsudon. Nothing special.
I'd stick with the chicken katsu.

I've been fiddling in the kitchen a little (Nakanaman). My last project involved finally making food out of the ground pork that's been sitting in our freezer for weeks. That said, I challenged myself to come up with our own chicken katsu recipe. My expert taste buds tell me that its sauce most likely consists of Kikkoman, sugar and some vinegar (not Datu Puti though. Maybe a milder version, like sukang Iloco or cane vinegar.)

I have contracted Pao to tell me how my version fares versus Crazy Katsu's. I told him to be honest because this is all for the sake of culinary arts. But if I have to be objective about it, I should get in touch with an independent third party. The last time Pao was honest with how he felt about my cooking, I threw sinigang cubes in his direction and walked out of the room.

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