Thursday, April 19, 2012

DIY Happy Shelf

We needed extra storage space in our house but having storage cabinets custom-fitted wasn't really an option. When I saw this 6-layer shelf on sale in Ensogo at 50% off, I decided to give it a go.

The shelf also comes in wenge (a very dark brown) but we bought it in white because I wanted to paint it. Don't tell Pao, but I am secretly trying to turn our apartment into a "country home," which explains all the polka dots.

I say "secretly" because there is a very thin line between modern country and shabby chic. Pao is very vocal about his dislike for "chic" and may already be catching on despite my stealth. When I asked him which of these colors would blend well in the apartment - apple green, bright yellow or turquoise - he just shrugged and said, "Ginagawa mo namang bahay ng babae e." :p Oh well. In the end, I prevailed and decided on a light green color for the shelf.

My weapon of choice is spray paint from True Value. I originally thought of using regular paint and rollers but boy, do those things cost. These are P99.75 a can. I used 3 cans so that's just an additional P300. (Way to go, genius!) They're easy to use too.

Here's the AFTER shot. Took me about an hour to cover the entire thing. The shelf looks dark green in the photo, but it's really a bright green in real life. I'm happy with how it turned out.

I could use some practice in using paints from aerosol cans. Some areas turned out lighter than others but the differrence is barely noticeable. One particular problem area that's been bugging Pao has been covered by this P85 letter holder from Saizen. Notice the flowers. *wink*

I think this project marks the beginning of my love affair with spray paint. The possibilities are just endless. Already I'm thinking of stripping our dark brown side tables and spray painting them a lighter color.

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  1. a couple of years ago i bought spray paint to change the color of our filing cabinet to something more fun. i never got around to doing it but it is one of those things i still want to do. (and there's an old chair in my in-laws house i want to spray paint also, haha!)

    nice project!

  2. btw, did you use a mask while spraying? any tips on how to spray paint?

  3. Hi Yen! I forgot to buy a mask so I was spray painting with my right hand while my left hand held a very thick hand towel to my nose and mouth. Heehee In this weather, I suggest working on your project early in the morning. It'll be dry by the time the sun sets. Use lots of newspapers on your work area. I scrimped on this so there's paint in our common driveway. I'm lucky our neighbors don't notice! And then you'll have to work in a large space. If you choose to work in your garage, I suggest you bring out all the cars first. Pao panicked when he saw specks of green paint on our car's roof, even though I worked several meters away. I guess the wind blew the paint in the car's direction. It's best to work safe, just in case. Next time, I'll use slow pressure so the paint doesn't come out blotchy. Don't forget to blog about your project so we can see! Hi to the kids and Rocky!


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