Saturday, April 14, 2012

First of many

I have to hand it to my in-laws for pulling off fun activities for the kids. On Easter Sunday, we were treated to an egg hunt at Lola Chelle's house. Malik was his usual self - not wanting to mingle at first. But he soon got over this phase and began looking for the loot.

Photo from Pao's cousin, Mac. I'm not sure which basket of eggs is Malik's.
Possibly the one on the right because that contains lesser eggs.

Malik went with Ate Mae. They're a monopoly these two.
When we say "kids" in Pao's family, that means Mae and Malik only. So far at least.

I do not know where this tradition began so I Googled and landed here. Turns out, eggs symbolize rebirth. The egg hunt used to be a pagan tradition to symbolize the rebirth of the land after winter. Christians adopted the tradition to symbolize Christ rising (the rebirth) from the dead.

"Malik, let me tell you something.
Your mom is nerdoks. And you will likely be one too."

I noticed that the plastic eggs that we used looked worn, which could only mean that once upon a time, other children used to look for them. I have been planning to start a family tradition. The one I had in mind involved slowly building up a Christmas tree ornament collection. I kept some Christmas tree decorations from my parents' house (I don't know if my dad noticed that his plastic candy canes are missing Hehe) and was planning to collect a few from our vacations. But collecting Easter eggs may do.

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