Saturday, April 21, 2012

Five free/cheap organizing solutions

The first chapters of The Happiness Project suggest that we de-clutter. I thought, "Oooh, goody. This one I can do." I am a fan of de-cluttering. Really. My parents very rarely threw away things. They were emotionally invested in old Christmas cards or clothes, which would have been okay had a system of organizing them been adopted. But alas, Christmas cards from ten years ago were randomly kept inside the piano bench or tucked between current utility bills. It drove me crayzee.

So naturally, I grew up wanting to keep the barest material possessions. I regularly clean my closet. Clothes and shoes that have not been worn for the last 6 months are sold on ebay or given away. I do the same with Malik's clothes drawer. Twice a year, I go through his clothes to pick out those that he's outgrown. I keep some for the next baby but most I pass on to my cousin's kids.

I like to think that my love for organizing is still healthy. Hindi ko naman siya kina-career masyado. I keep a reasonable number of bric-a-brac at home. There are professional home organizers out there that can, for a fee, help you build the perfect pantry or shoe closet. But I find, in the course of my annual organizing sessions, that we can do as good a job with some items from our home. And so, here are my top five free/cheap organizing solutions.

#1 Microwaveable containers (P10 each from SM or free when you like to order take-out)
We use these to store writing implements like pencils and Malik's crayons. 
What's great about these containers is that they maximize drawer space because they're stackable.
#2 Old chocolate containers (free). These used to contain Roche Ferrero.
The one on the left is our first aid kit. The one on the right is our sewing kit. 
#3 Ziploc bags (free/"borrowed" from my dad but never returned)
These are great for storing odd-shaped electronic items, especially those unwieldy cables.
We have too many cables at home. I used to ask Pao if we can throw some of them away,
but I always get no for an answer so I don't bother anymore. 
#4 Cookie tin cans (free) for Malik's smaller toys like these alphabet magnets.
#5 Sock organizers from Saizen (PhP85 each).
We use these for Malik's socks and underthings, and also to organize my lady stuff (moiturizers, astringents etc.) on top of our table.

Here are shots of some of our side drawers after my cleaning project last week. Not bad.

This drawer is for crafts. Notice my alphabet rubber stamps.
This one's for emergency stuff like medicines and band-aids. 

With kids though, we'll just have to accept that there will always be clutter. We have assigned several places in the house as collecting bins for Malik's toys. This drawer holds the toys that Malik most fequently plays with. Ganyan na yan. We just have to live with it.

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  1. gladi, the drawer organizers at handyman are on sale.for those pesky cutlery drawers na sobraaaang gulo.i bought one but used it for my vanity dresser.

  2. hey golds! magkano? I still have a lot of unused sock organizers in stock. Medyo nagpanic buying ako when I was nesting.


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