Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Back at home

I could not leave for work yesterday. After spending so much time with Malik during the Holy Week, it was clear I was suffering from separation anxiety. My son is awesome.

Anyway I'm back from a quick trip to Cebu. Stayed in a hotel called Harolds which, except for its very poor take on Harrod's of London, is actually a decent place to stay in. I was only able to take this photo of our room.

It's clean and the interiors are done in good taste - a lot of neutrals and high quality furnishings. I wouldn't recommend dining in the restaurant though. I had to wait an hour and a half for the worst garlic steak I've ever had to eat. Nyi.

I got Malik an Islands Souvenir t-shirt and this magnet shaped like a guitar at the airport. Pao brought home a similar magnet from Palawan but we rarely let Malik play with it because it's made of ceramic. This one's carved from wood and is easily replaceable. Yey.

School hasn't started yet (thank goodness) so I'm still not in the groove of the things. I wish I could delay regular programming for a little while longer. I need some more of these.

Goodnight folks!
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