Saturday, April 7, 2012


We cannot wait for April 25 because that'll be the day when Marvel's The Avengers shows in theaters here in Manila. I haven't watched Thor yet, but the rest I've seen (the Ironman installments, Hulk and Captain America) which is why I'm very excited.

Malik has seen one Hulk episode on Cartoon Network. That was a cartoon roughly made in 2D. Very old school. Yet Malik has recognized the Hulk since, in posters and in standees at the mall. I'd like to get him a Hulk action figure. He'd go nuts if he had one. But they're just too expensive, probably because most are collectors' items that aren't meant to be taken out of their boxes anyway. It'll be ridiculous to give them to a two year old.

The other day though, we dropped by Petron and got these -

Avengers Tumblers! But wait! The toys on top come off so you can play with them separately. Woohoo -

These are really bang for your buck. Only P60 each for every P1000 worth of fuel purchased. We're going back for Captain America and Thor, so leave a couple of those for pogiboy.

Malik-isms: "Ty" = Ironman , "Hawk" - Hulk

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