Tuesday, May 22, 2012


By tomorrow, we'd have a week to head on over to The Ramp in Glorietta for the Anthology Sale.

The website doesn't have pictures of the collections on sale, but I was there about a week ago and here are what I saw.

Some sandals were selling for as low as P600. Considering that Anthology shoes are usually all-leather and are always well-made, that price is a steal.

I wouldn't mind getting these in black -

- and a couple of Kyoto Twins that were selling for less than what I paid for my Kyotos in March.

I did not bring home anything from Anthology that day though, because I just got these from the SM Department Store -

The ballet flats were P200 a pair (say what!) while the jelly sandals were at around P300. The ballerinas are so soft and comfortable, they actually feel like socks. I'm sure they will not last as long as Anthology flats and will probably withstand my abusive feet 3 months tops, but I'm glad I found them and for so little. Yey.

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